COMM11003 – Post 5 – Due Week 9

Reflecting back on my previous blog posts, I noticed that I repeated a lot of stuff, and that is something that I need to change, However, I have gone back and removed all the redundant information or information that had nothing to do with the topics from my blog posts. The most challenging thing was […]

COMM11003 – Post 4 – Due Week 7

  Punctuation is one of the most important aspects of the English language, yet it is one that is often the most overlooked. Punctuation is important because it gives us meaning to written words, much like when we speak there are pauses and changes in the tone of our voice, so too should be there […]

COMM11003 – Post 3 – Due Week 6

Ten Tips for Effective Public Speaking Sharpen your competitive edge. (2017) This week I have chosen the topic of What makes a good public speaker? (p. 369) Public speaking  is how one person can share their ideas with a large number of people,  stand out amongst the corporate crowd and gain visibility in your field. […]

COMM11003 – Post 2 – Due Week 5

This week I have chosen the topic of Explain how technology has impacted communication. Provide an example of how technology has influenced how you communicate. (p. 79) Technology has impacted communication drastically and technology itself has changed drastically. With communication ever so widely available, social media, live coverage of news, online forums and other media-related […]

COMM11003 – Post 1 – Due Week 3

Hello everyone. My name is James Diep. Some of you might know me from Media Writing. I am currently studying Digital Media at Central Queensland University, I live in Sydney, so I do everything via correspondence, I have a lot of interests, but my main interests are making films/editing films, Astronomy and travelling. I don’t […]

Week 11: Blog

Inquiry I see several problems with this article; one is the fact that the writer repeats that the woman has been stuck underneath the train, he could have easily condensed it down to one sentence, something like “A woman in her 30’s has been injured after becoming stuck under a train at  Eagle Junction Railway station […]