Week 1: Blog – Inquiry

(The first link wasn’t working, so I basically just used the second link)

The gist of the story(ies) from what I gathered is about Melbourne Storm player Billy Slater receiving an “ambassador” status for Queensland thoroughbred racing and why he is receiving the honor.

I personally believe it is important to acknowledge something like this in the media, because Billy Slater is such a well known figure in Australian sports, and the fact that he is receiving yet another title and honor in another sport proves how passionate he is about sports. His dedication, hard work and commitment to sport should be spotlighted in the media.


http://statements.qld.gov.au/Statement/2016/6/2 (THIS LINK DID NOT WORK)

http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/sport/racing /maroons-legend-billy-slater-to-be-announcedas-ambassador-for-qld-thoroughbredracing/newsstory/564befcf1bdd9e78480e832255cdf171


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