Week 2 – Blog: Inquiry, Practical & Technical

My twitter account that I have registered for this course is available at: https://twitter.com/james_diep

The top 3 stories on twitter as of 26/7/2016 5:04pm are:

  1. #SLvAUS
  2. #DemsInPhilly
  3. #dondale

Social media according to Ivy Wigmore (2016) is a great way of reporting on news or events happening around the world, however, more often than not, what is being tweeted and what is in the local media are completely different from each other, news stories will often use tweets from a person or event of spreading their message across – an example of this would be if a person committed a murder and they posted a picture of the body on Facebook, that post would constitute as evidence and that post would prove that social media is in fact being used in new stories

From time to time, events are promoted via Twitter or Facebook, recently, the official twitter for the San Diego Comic-Con event promoted their panels with times and dates of what was going on and where the event was happening.


Another example of someone promoting an event via social media would be Lady Gaga who recently took to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and posted pictures of a teaser/promo of her upcoming album.


lady gaga.png


The questions whilst doing the quiz weren’t particularly difficult, although, some of them, I had trouble with because I had either never learnt it or had learnt it but simply forgotten what that term meant – like what conditional tense, or active verbs was or what past simple tense was – I’d never learnt these at school so I had to look it up in our text English for Journalists written by Hicks (2013) or if I couldn’t find them in the text, I used the internet.


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