Week 3 – Blog: Practical

rfrWhen planning for this assessment, I wasn’t really sure what event I wanted to cover at first, but after doing a bit of research and talking to friends, I have found two events that I would like to cover.

The first event of interest is called “Ride for Refugees”. This is a cycling event for the competitive and casual rider who has a heart to help refugees.  It is focused on helping people and churches engage with and raise funds for refugees locally and globally….

Did you know? According to UNHCR (2015), In 2015 alone, there were over 25 million refugees worldwide alone, not counting asylum seekers or displaced persons. That’s almost the entire population of Australia!

Ride for Refugees is an event held every August in Sydney, Brisbane and Towoomba (August 27 in Sydney this year – 2016) where bicycle riders come together each year and essentially just ride their bikes to raise money for refugees all around the world. The RIDE Route in Sydney takes riders from the start/finish area and up onto the M7 Shared Path.  Riders head out for approximately 12.5km to the turn-around point. The route is well signed, with plenty of marshalls along the way for guidance, encouragement and a friendly smiling face! The course can be completed once or a number of times to equal 25km, 50km, 75km or for people who like a challenge, a whopping 100km. I believe this is a great way to promote the event so that people can participate in the future and donate/ride for a good cause!

Having spoken to a few of my church friends, some of them are participating in the event and I am going to cover their experience during the event on the day, throughout the course of the day, I’ll be asking them about their experience – how they’re feeling before the event, during the actual 25km ride and then how they felt after they finished riding.


The second event that I could cover is the fireworks held during the month of September in Darling Harbor. The fireworks being held in Darling Harbour is to celebrate Fathers Day. Why wait for big occasions like New Year’s Eve to see fireworks in Sydney when you can just head to Darling Harbor and experience amazing fireworks most Saturday nights..It’s the weekend. Time to have fun and party. Take your partner on a romantic dinner date, or catch up over drinks with friends. Fireworks start at 8pm and last for about 5 minutes each weekend! It will surely be a good time.

I will be attending on one of the Saturday’s and I plan to cover my whole experience of the night, from when we get on the train, to waiting for the fireworks, to what we’re doing while waiting to the actual fireworks. It’ll be good!

The three points that Kate lists in her video as important for planning are:

  • Time is important because time waits for literally noone, if you don’t plan beforehand you might miss out on some events or certain things that will happen during the event
  • Accrediation is important because if you don’t get accredited for the event, then you won’t be allowed to use photos/media in your writing.
  • Scheduling is important because it gives you a breakdown of what, when and where the event will be happening on the day.


Refugees, U. (2016). Worldwide displacement hits all-time high as war and persecution increase. [online] UNHCR. Available at: http://www.unhcr.org/news/latest/2015/6/558193896/worldwide-displacement-hits-all-time-high-war-persecution-increase.html [Accessed 9th August. 2016].

CQU University, Kate Ames, (2016). Why you need a plan. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qFGnt42SaM&feature=youtu.be [Accessed 5 Aug. 2016].



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