Week 4: Blog – Practical

For the activity this week, we were asked to interview two people and ask them what was important to them? and why these things were important to them. At first, I wasn’t sure who I wanted to interview, my parents do not understand English that well and it would be hard for me to ask them something like this, then a lightbulb moment popped into my head, I thought to myself, “I can ask my church friends” and that’s exactly what I did.

In the first interview with a friend from church, I asked him the question – what are the most important things to you. He said that one of the most important things to him is telling the good news of Jesus to other people and says that this is important because he believes that all humans are intrinsically bad, people are born into evil and will choose to do evil – or in a sense – not do the right thing. He goes on to further state that God sent his son Jesus to “die” for us so that we could be forgiven for our sins. I personally am not religious so I really have no opinion on this matter.

For my high school friend that I interviewed, he stated that the most important things to him are family and friends. Friends are supposed to be there for you through tough times, whenever you’re feeling down or whenever you’re afraid of something, they always know what to say to give you that bit of a pick up you need after a hard day at work/school/whatever, he also feels like family should be the most important thing to a person, as your family are generally the closest people to you and they are generally the ones that know the most about you. We care for them the most and they care about us before anything else, siblings even more so, because you can share a lot of things with them and they can understand you more! I know I can share a lot of things with my brother, so I can see where this person is coming from. I love my parents, but it’s really hard for me to share things with them because they’re from a different generation and they don’t really understand English that well! It’s good to see someone else think that family is important, there are so many times when I see people say they hate their family or their parents of their siblings, but for what reason? Something petty like your parents not giving you the latest iPhone or the latest handheld console? That’s just dumb. Parents and family are important and we should cherish them!!!! You never know when you could be seeing the last of them!!

This activity was rather fun, as it allowed me to get to know people more. Knowing what they think is important and why gives an insight onto how they perceive the world and what they perceive of it. And also because it’s good to see other people think the same thing is important!

Unfortunately, I could not get a photo with my interviewees as they did not want their photo taken and posted over the internet.


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