Week 5 – There’s one other name you might know me by… Star Lord.

Social media – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and the likes of those did not exist some 10/15/20 years ago, fast forward to 2016, and about 60% of the worlds population that has access to the internet has some form of access to social media, even if not a daily user. With technology advancing ever so much more each year, it’s no wonder people are getting less social and becoming more attached to their phones/tablets.

Like billions of other users worldwide, I use a variety of social media sites myself, namely Facebook and Twitter daily, occasionally I will use Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. I like knowing what is happening around the world, and also whether my friends and family in overseas countries are doing well/staying safe. And what better way than to use the internet?! Instagram is a good way to post pictures that you like and share them with the world, many people around the world use it! From celebrities to just people like you and me.

It probably wasn’t obvious to some people, but I’m a huge Lady Gaga fan, I follow every social networking site that she has, Gaga will post daily pictures on Instagram and Twitter, from highlights of her performances, to the clothes she wears on stage, outfits she likes, hanging out with friends, foods and sometimes she teases us with release dates for new music. Lady Gaga is one of the most famous celebrities worldwide, she has amassed a huge fanbase over the years and with other 18.3 million Instagram followers and over 45 million Twitter followers, she truly is putting herself out there for the world to see. She uses her social media sites professionally and privately too!

lg insta

lg twitter

Ever since seeing Chris Pratt on Parks and Recreation, and recently in Guardians of the Galaxy & Jurassic World, I have been in love with him ever since, because lets face it, he’s totally hot. (I’d probably freak out and fan girl like crazy if I ever met him in person), Like Gaga, Chris has many millions of followers on both Twitter and Instagram, Chris is a downright funny dude, however, he has stated on Instagram and Twitter that he mainly uses Twitter for jokes and Instagram for deeper more meaningful stuff.

cp insta

Social networking is an unhealthy habit if you’re on it constantly, but to check up on what happens around the world and with people who you know and love, shouldn’t be a bad thing!! Just you know…Don’t just spend 24 hours a day 7 days a week on social media!


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2 thoughts on “Week 5 – There’s one other name you might know me by… Star Lord.

  1. Hi James, I enjoyed reading this piece and getting to know you a little better! A few suggestions you may like to consider:
    – in the fourth paragraph, you could consider re-writing you sentence to “I totally do because, lets face it, he’s totally hot”.
    – in the first paragraph, I believe the words “more and more” are redundant so you might like to remove them.
    Looking forward to reading more posts from you. Cheers, Hilary.


  2. Hey James, I enjoyed reading your blog! One recommendation I could offer is to generally shorten your sentence length. For example, the first sentence in your third paragraph could be broken down to two or three sentences.
    Cheers, Ben


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