Week 6 – Blog : Practical B


The audience of my first story will be for the casual reader or for people who like missionary work. I hope that people will learn what it is like for a refugee leaving their country due to war &/or  other events and hopefully also teach people about Jesus and the gospel. I think the inclusion of refugee stories will be interesting to people because people will want to read about them when they see the conditions that they’ve been through, and what made them leave their countries. Riding for refugee’s will truly be a great cause!

I think that also including the experience of various people who participated during the event will be a good way to promote the event, Australia is a first world country, and we should be helping our neighbours and those that are less fortunate than us. I think reporting it in a form of a recount or a news story-esque type post will be good, including pictures, quotes and various other forms of engagement with the audience.

The audience of my second story will be for people who like fireworks, going out, partying or just having a relaxing night out with family.

You don’t need to wait for a big occasion to see amazing fireworks in Sydney, Darling Harbor has organized amazing fireworks every Saturday night for people to enjoy. It’s the weekend, why should you stay at home? Go out to Darling Harbor, cause it’s time to have fun and party. Take your partner on a romantic dinner date, or catch up over drinks with friends. Fireworks start at 8:30pm and last for about 5 minutes each weekend! It will surely be a good time.


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