Week 10 – My very first Cruise!

This week we were asked to take a series of 10 photos that told a collective story of an event, during Week 10, I was on a cruise and what better to take photos of.

The Carnival Spirit cruise ship docked in Sydney Harbor. This was my first cruise and I was actually very excited about being able to go on a cruise ship for the first time, lots of people were on their way to the ship too! as you can see by all the people carrying suitcases!
This was my first shot of when we got onto the ship, behind us was the enterance from the dock of Sydney Harbor and to the right of us was the stairs that lead to the next level! Lots of people scattering and wondering around finding their rooms or just looking around. I wanted to just get on with exploring the ship.
This was a buffet that was on Level 9 of the cruise ship! There aren’t that many people in the photo because we had arrived on the cruise ship pretty early and people we just starting to board! The buffet was open from 6am to 7pm at night time during the entire duration of the cruise, after which time it was closed, however, people who were hungry or just needed a drink were welcome to use the coffee machines that were available 24/7! If you were hungry, there was a pizza bar (as shown on the right hand side of the photo) that was also open 24/7
Waiting patiently for the ship to dock! Sydney is such a beautiful harbor and to see such a beautiful ship docked in the harbor and to actually experience being on one was truly amazing.
As we were leaving Sydney Harbor after the last passenger had docked at about 4pm, we were able to see the whole harbor! Sydney Opera House is one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks, I’d never get bored of looking at Sydney Opera House. Sydney Opera House is a marvelous piece of art and a wonderful take on modern architecture.
When we were safely on board the ship, we had to do a “ship emergency evacuation drill” which is pretty much what the name describes, everyone on the ship was assigned to a “muster station” (a place where you would meet should an actual emergency have occured) and then the captain of the ship (Steve Knisley I believe was his name) went through instructions on what to do and how to do them in an emergency, we weren’t allowed to use mobile phones and everyone had to be quiet and we were asked to line up shoulder to shoulder. Life Boat 19 was located on Muster Station C was the muster station that we were assigned to.
Dinner on day 1. Needless to say after a long day of waiting for people to finally board the ship, it was nice to finally be able to sit down and have a proper meal that wasn’t buffet food (don’t get me wrong buffet food is nice) being able to chat to your friends and family over a meal while enjoying each other’s company is always nice. Plus they provide you with free entertainment every night at approximately 6pm. The first night two people were literally doing strip singing. I have no idea 😛
After dinner, it was time to walk around and see what the ship had to offer! They have their own casino, complete with poker machines and tables! I’m not proud of wasting so much money at the casino, but when you’re on a cruise ship and you’re supposed to be having fun! Who cares how much money you spend right?
This was one of two pools that the cruise ship had to offer, the first night was pretty cold, so it was understandable that no one was swimming in it, there were beach chairs that you could sit on if you just wanted to relax and look up at the stars or the sky or even just to have a nice relaxing sit down and read a book or something! It’s a cruise ship and noone is stopping you from doing what you like.
The final performance of the night from the wonderful people at Playlist Productions, the cruise director Steve, talked us through what there was to do each day, what to do when we got to Moreton Island and then what the ship had to offer! Normally all that stuff would be pretty boring, but it actually wasn’t that boring, because there was entertainment and jokes and things to do between each break!

FakeComicCon working closely with authorities after 2 dead and 8 injured in local knife fight. 

This headline is appropriate because it tells the audience that even though it happened at their event, they will not let the perperators get away with what happened and  they were working with police to get to the bottom of what happened.

Knife fight at FakeComicCon event leaves a CEO devastated

This suggests that the CEO is devastated with the incident and he wishes to send his thoughts and prayers out to those injured

Friendly banter at local event turns into knife fight leaving 8 injured

I feel that this headline is particularly appropriate because it states what happened, where it happened and what stated the knife fight.

Quiz Reflection:

Like I said in Week 8’s quiz reflection, I was always terrible at punctuation, so having to do punctuation again kind of annoyed me a bit because I knew there was no way I was going to get 10/10 in the first try and I was right, however, I was surprised I still managed to get half the questions right, I read the feedback given to me and then went back a second time and re-did the quiz and got 10/10.


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