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I see several problems with this article; one is the fact that the writer repeats that the woman has been stuck underneath the train, he could have easily condensed it down to one sentence, something like “A woman in her 30’s has been injured after becoming stuck under a train at  Eagle Junction Railway station on Brisbane’s north side just after 12pm Wednesday” this way, the read can be given all information in one sentence instead of needing to read three sentences saying the same thing

There is also the problem of not giving enough information about what else was happening, how it happened and why the woman tried to self-harm.

While the article says that the woman tried to harm herself, it does not meet the guidelines for reporting self harm. Mindframe states that when reporting suicide, you need to include an analysis of policy, practice, research, rates and trends and other areas of public interest, we need to cover suicide in a sensitive but also accurate way so that we can challenge public misconceptions and myths about suicide and help increase awareness and encourage discussion and prevention of self-harm. It is also very helpful when the community is informed about the risks of suicide, including warning signs, the importance of taking suicidal thoughts seriously and providing information where people can get support. Often stories that focus on personal difficulties and problems about overcoming suicidal thinking can also promote hope and encourage others to seek help. Also reporting that focuses on self-harm as a health and community issue helps increase the community awareness and decreases the stigma behind suicide.

As a person who has thought about suicide before, it is difficult to get help, so awareness is important and necessary for a person to get help. I talked to a few friends and they listened, they cared, and they got me the necessary help, it’s been 3 years since I’ve had suicidal thoughts. Often times, people will just say that you are going through a phase and that it’ll last a few days and you won’t think about self-harm anymore or that everything gets better over time. This is absolutely NOT true, we need to listen to a person when they talk about suicide. Awareness of suicide is important because this way we can help a person who is going through this kind of trouble. I see so many news articles about people suiciding, and then read on later in the article and then it talks about how that person’s friends or family didn’t see any signs of suicide or that they thought he/she was just having other problems. This is why we need awareness of suicide, so that you can do something before it’s too late!


Woman injured after being stuck under a train in North Brisbane


The woman has been taken to Royal Brisbane Hospital in a serious but stable condition with lower leg injuries

A spokeswoman from the Queensland Ambulance Service has said that the woman is currently in a stable condition, and she has suffered lower leg injuries.

The incident is affecting flow on the rail system through the region, with reports of up to delays of 40 minutes on the Airport and Doomben lines

A witness reported that a train full of people was stuck on the platform as the incident unfolded.

Police are treating the incident as one of self-harm.

Suicide is never the answer!! 2,577 people (teens, adults, old people) die every year from self-harm related issues. If you or anyone you know is suffering from emotional, physical or mental issues, abuse or depression, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or contact Beyond Blue at 1300 22 46 36


Technical: Quiz Reflection

For the quiz this week, I surprised myself, my first attempt I got 7 out of 10. I made a few careless mistakes and might have skimmed through the question without clicking the right answer, this was a mistake on my part, however, after reading the feedback and understanding what the question asked the second time I was able to get 100% on my second attempt.


2 thoughts on “Week 11: Blog

  1. You are right, suicide is not the answer, nor will it ever be.
    In my opinion, it was better to remove the ‘self-harm’ note altogether. Publicity and suicide are a bad mix.

    Have a look on YouTube for ways to customize your blog. Widgets are a great resource that fill space and provide added convenience. Also, if you add /wp-admin/ onto the end of your blog address, it will take you to an administrator dashboard where you can manage your blog even more.

    Hope this helps!

    I like the layout of the blog and great work on the rest of it too!


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