Week 12 – Time flies when you’re having fun!

Time flies when you’re having fun. This week we were asked to write a reflection on the past 12 weeks of study in this Media Writing course, coming into the course I would have told you that I had no interest in becoming a Journalist (I’m just not good in front of cameras) or that I’d write for the media, nevertheless, the activities we were asked to do for Media Writing were actually quite fun and it was fun writing about topics that I enjoyed and knew quite a bit about. It’s been a hectic 12 weeks and I wouldn’t change it for the world, the amount of skills, grammar and writing techniques I’ve learned because of this course is invaluable.

Twelve weeks ago I would have told you that I had no passion for Journalism or writing for the media (which essentially are kind of the same thing if you think about it) and 12 weeks later I’m still the same, it’s not something I’d see myself doing in the longrun, my true passion lies with editing and producing videos for Film & Television. I want to work in the Screen & Media Industry, and hopefully writing for the media will become the first step towards achieving that goal.

Throughout the 12 weeks enrolled in this course, I’ve learned so much, how to use Storify, how to write a media release, writing an audio script, even writing an interview, I had the most fun researching the different topics for the writing that was incorporated into my blogs, it was about things that I enjoyed and things that I loved. And then when it came to actually having to write the articles, that’s where I had trouble, however, all the feedback, lectures, and notes given out during the term were of big help and they helped me to write clearly and gave me ideas and tips on how to write properly.

Receiving feedback from the first assessment was a big help, it showed me what parts I needed improvement on and what were my strong points, I have tried my very best to change what was wrong with my blog posts, some of the might not be obvious, I made some minor changes, there are still some things that I need improving on, but things can’t just change overnight! One piece of feedback that I received was that I needed to refer to our text more often, I have tried to do that in as many of the posts as I can.

Doing the quizzes was actually really fun, it was kind of like a little-side “mini-game” in a way, the quizzes taught me that I tend to think that I know more than what I really do, which isn’t a good thing, I need to stop thinking I know so much, doing the quizzes really helped me understand a lot more about how people write and why they write the way they do in articles.

Thank you to all the classmates who took the time to read my blog, and thanks to Kate for being such a great course coordinator!


One thought on “Week 12 – Time flies when you’re having fun!

  1. Hi James,
    Great reflection.
    Just a couple things I noticed on this post.
    One is very long sentences. There are quite a few commas that should be full stops.
    The second is in the first paragraph. There is a sentence that starts with 12. When a sentence starts with a number it should be spelled out.
    Great job on your blog!


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