COMM11003 – Post 1 – Due Week 3

Hello everyone. My name is James Diep. Some of you might know me from Media Writing.

I am currently studying Digital Media at Central Queensland University, I live in Sydney, so I do everything via correspondence, I have a lot of interests, but my main interests are making films/editing films, Astronomy and travelling. I don’t really have an ambition per se, but I want to make films that people will enjoy, and I want to be able to travel to places around the world to achieve this.

Having watched the orientation video and reviewing the course profile, what is expected of us is pretty clear. The course profile gives an outline of all the assessments that students are to complete throughout the year, the course profile also gives lots of various pieces of information, including student feedback, textbook requirements, teaching contacts, learning styles, referencing and learning outcomes, all of these are important to make sure you have a good understanding and learning of the course and what is required.

The unit Communication in Professional Contexts is about introducing you to different forms of professional communication concepts, such as theory and practice, small group communication, oral and written communication, teamwork and ethical issues, All of these topics are discussed through practical exercises and applications.


Students are expected to complete three assessment pieces outlined below:

  • Assessment One: Essay/Video Script (Due Friday 21st of April)
  • Assessment Two: Communication Blog (Due Friday 19th of March)
  • Assessment Three: Group Report/ Recorded Presentation (Due Monday 5th of June)




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