COMM11003 – Post 4 – Due Week 7


Punctuation is one of the most important aspects of the English language, yet it is one that is often the most overlooked. Punctuation is important because it gives us meaning to written words, much like when we speak there are pauses and changes in the tone of our voice, so too should be there pauses and changes when we are writing and we do this in the form of punctuation. (The Importance of Punctuation, 2017)


An example would be from a recent episode of the television show, The Flash. The villain Savitar says to one of the characters the following quote:

I am the future Flash.

Here, the character is literally saying that he is the future version of that character. However, with closed captions enabled, the quote reads:

I am the future, Flash.

He is speaking to the main character and he is stating to him that he is literally “the future.”  As you can see just by adding a simple comma, the meaning of the phrase is completely different.

It is very important to know all the punctuation marks, what their meanings are, and when to use them in order to produce a good piece of writing, but more importantly, to convey the right message.


The Importance of Punctuation. (2017). The Write Corner. Retrieved 11 May 2017, from


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