Week 10 – My very first Cruise!

This week we were asked to take a series of 10 photos that told a collective story of an event, during Week 10, I was on a cruise and what better to take photos of. FakeComicCon working closely with authorities after 2 dead and 8 injured in local knife fight.  This headline is appropriate because […]

Week 7: Time is of the essence!

Practical This week for the Practical component, we were asked to write a short broadcast audio script based on the interview we had during Week 4. Announcer: A student from the Central Queensland University has recently conducted a survey and asked several people what is important to them and why? Among the top answers, family […]

Week 6 – Blog: Technical

The quiz this week was based around spelling. I used to think I was the best speller, but according to this quiz, I’m apparently not, my first attempt I got 6/10 and most of the questions that I got wrong are words that I’ve seen used before, but used with different spellings/different context, and me […]

Week 6 – Blog : Practical B

  The audience of my first story will be for the casual reader or for people who like missionary work. I hope that people will learn what it is like for a refugee leaving their country due to war &/or  other events and hopefully also teach people about Jesus and the gospel. I think the […]